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  • Forgefix Grey Polyester Chemical Anchor Resin & Nozzle - RESIN
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Forgefix Grey Polyester Chemical Anchor Resin & Nozzle - RESIN

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• Chemical Anchor Resin (2 part polyester).
• Heavy duty chemical anchoring system.
• Finish: Grey.
• Rapid curing resin injection system offers a totally stress free fixing system for many types of application.
• Ideal where a vibration-proof bond is required.
• The tube is supplied with a mixer nozzle eliminating the need to mix the mortar on site.
• Widely used where a waterproof bond is required.
• Can also be used as a high impact adhesive.
• Excellent adhesion and rapid strength gain.
• Corrosion resistant.
• Low temperature cure and resistant to thermal cycling.
• A high strength, fast curing, thixotropic grout/adhesive.
• The plastic cartridge contains a base polyester resin and a catalyst consisting of an organic peroxide and inert fillers in a paste form.
• 150ml tube can be used with a standard mastic applicator gun.
• Specialist applicator guns offer ease of use with the 380ml resin cartridges.
• Suitable for setting chemical anchor studs for the anchoring of machinery.
• Ideal for permanent installation of reinforcement, doweling and starter bars, foundation bolts, handrails, safety fences, wall ties, rail -tracks and tie-back anchors.

Customer Reviews

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Forgefix Grey Polyester Chemical Anchor Resin

Living on a remote Scottish Island, the price of carriage to is often ridiculous, indeed often 3x the price of the product and that's if you can find somebody to deliver it!
So to find a company that is as good as it's promise is a rare thing..... Its so refreshing to find a company that delivers to such locations with outstanding service.
Product does the job, drill the hole, fill with resin put the bolt in / fixing in and you can hang a car on it, I only needed to hang a few 150mm x 50mm timbers to join extension to house but my god it's good stuff.... Worth getting a couple of extra nozzles, if you want to use over a period of days, but if like me all holes drilled and good to go ten one will suffice..